Becoming Mercy Ministries Foundation

In 1981 the Lord gave the staff of Christian Happy Home a burden to care for the orphans of Thailand. Along with this burden came a fourfold vision for the orphanage that would become Mercy Ministries Foundation. Over time the Lord continued to bless the work being done here in Thailand and the ministry began to grow. As the other areas of the ministry began to develop, it became clear that an overall foundation needed to be established that would encompass every part of the ministry. It was at this time in 1998 that Mercy Ministries Foundation was formed and Christian Happy Homes became one of several ministries under the MMF umbrella. MMF continued to grow into western Cambodia and southern Thailand.


Mercy Ministries Foundation is a non-profit, Thai-based foundation that is registered with both the welfare and government departments that are needed in order to function as a foundation here in Thailand. Being a Thai-based, Christian foundation also, we are registered and affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. Mercy Ministries has a board of members (outside those working directly with MMF) who assist in the counseling and decision making at Mercy Ministries Foundation


Our staff here at Christian Happy Homes endeavors to provide our orphans (motherless or fatherless) with a stable, loving home life and education (James 1:27). We also teach them the ways of the Lord as we raise them, beginning at the earliest ages (Ephesians 6:4). As the children continue to grow physically and spiritually we begin preparing and equipping them for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). Finally, the Lord has commissioned each believer to declare His good news to the world. Our vision for the children at Christian Happy Home is fulfilled when we are able to send the children out with the Lord’s call on their heart to declare His gospel of salvation in their home villages, occupations, and in any other way that the Lord may lead (Mark 16:15).


Our goal as a staff is to provide a Christian environment and a strong foundation in the faith whereby each child will have the opportunity to come to know Christ as personal Lord and Savior (Acts 16:31), lead others to Christ (Matt. 28:19,20), and become a leader within the ranks of the children (2 Tim. 2:2). We rely on the work of the Holy Spirit to bring these goals to pass according to the promises set forth in scripture.


The children at Christian Happy Home are not available for adoption. To understand this answer, the goals and vision of our home must also be understood. First, by the grace of God, we endeavor to create a home-like atmosphere where each child feels loved, cared for, and part of a big family where we desire to know their ideas and input. The second part of this answer is related to our vision for Christian Happy Home. It is our hope and prayer at Christian Happy Home that as each child grows they learn and grow in their relationship with their heavenly Father. We seek to invest the Lord’s ways and Godly principles into each of their lives so that they, in turn, can share the love God has given them with others. Put simply, we aim to raise the kids up to share the gospel with their own people. Ultimately it is the Thai people who can reach their own, all for the glory of God’s kingdom.