Cambodia – Christian Happy Home & Preschool

Poipet Home

In 2000, the Lord gave the staff at Mercy Ministries Foundation a burden for the people of Cambodia and in 2001 Mercy Ministries became a registered foundation with the Cambodian government. The physical and spiritual needs of the Khmer people are exceedingly great. Our goal was to open a children’s home with the same vision for the Khmer children as we have for our homes in Thailand. A set of homes were constructed. The homes were completed and officially dedicated in November 2006. There are now about 30 children being cared for by the MMF staff in Cambodia within these new homes. Along with our vision for this children’s home the Lord first directed us to open a preschool/feeding program for children 4-8 years old. Our preschool is located in an urban slum and gives many a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Poipet Preschool

The MMF preschool was launched in 2003 in a Poipet slum with a rented location. The MMF School now has 280 students and we have officially changed from a Preschool to a primary school going up to the 4th grade. We are praying and hoping to go up to another grade next year.  The school and classrooms are very contextualized, fitting right into the area of traditional construction materials and having a large play area. We have a wonderful relationship with the community as we also look to encourage the parents to the value of education. For example, every few months we give out awards, like a backpack full of school stuff, and invite their parents to share a proud moment with their child! The Christian female teachers are all residents of the area and have a wonderful heart for teaching the children!. Officially we are now called MMF School with the mission statement, given by the teachers themselves!MMF School looks to provide quality basic education for children and to teach the community the value of education.